#RONA Ready Practice

Coronavirus Pandemic Practice Seminar

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What we will cover:

  • Applying for loans and reviewing current financial assistance
  • Decreasing overhead costs and using funds wisely
  • Planning for all 4 phases of the crises: Awaiting impact, withstanding impact, returning to normal, and new industry dynamics
  • Operational set-up and recommendations for your practice.
  • Telemedicine practice set-up
  • Automating your systems/processes for an efficient telemedicine platform
  • Phone and Payment automation
  • Streamlining inventory online, and supply chain logistics
  • Communication to patients, i.e. emails, social media
  • Re-engaging existing patients into care
  • Marketing to new patients during coronavirus epidemic
  • Keeping staff and maintaining morale
  • Completing your #RONA to-do-list
  • Business continuity plan
  • Strategy session: Top 3 things to get started now!
  • Resource Toolkit: includes telemedicine form, email, and text opt-in, top 15 #RONA to do list and milestone checklist

Tier 1: 


Price: $97 includes 3-hour seminar, recording and resource toolkit

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